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Educate and inform our audience with relevant medical and clinical insights in our world-leading rheumatology app RheumaHelper

Reach 7,000 rheumatologists with the right messages and tools

Help us improve how rheumatologists in 120 countries treat their patients. Present new therapies, sponsor new clinical guidelines and help us build new diagnostic and dosing tools.
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Provide insight about new therapies, new clinical evidence or new guidelines to make sure rheumatologists are up-to-date with the latest research.

Brand awareness advertising

Present new products to a targeted audience that can benefit from being informed about all the details of a new treatment option.

Sponsored medical tools

Help rheumatologists with dosing tools for your products, or with new diagnostic tools to help improve their treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

A list of questions we commonly receive to help you understand our services.

What is RheumaHelper?

RheumaHelper is the world-leading mobile assistant for rheumatology professionals, helping them treat patients since 2012, covering 31 tools and guidelines in rheumatology. All content in the app is clinically backed and verified by renowned rheumatologists.

How many rheumatologists use RheumaHelper?

Currently there are over 7,000 rheumatologists in 120 countries using RheumaHelper roughly 70,000 times each month, with that number growing rapidly each year.

Is RheumaHelper certified as a medical device?

We are in the process of certification and expected to be fully classified as a Class I medical device in the European Union by May 2021.

Is RheumaHelper compliant with privacy regulations?

RheumaHelper is fully GDPR compliant and we take pride in making privacy a priority in our product development. We will never share personal information about our users and we will never abuse the trust our users put into us. Any information and statistics we provide are completely anonymized and will remain so.

Is the information in RheumaHelper verified?

All of the content and information inside RheumaHelper is verified by our in-house medical content team of doctors and pharmacists and by our external team of world-renowned rheumatologists. We require all content to be based on quality published research and clinically-backed evidence. All content provided by our pharma partners is verified by the same team.

Who is behind RheumaHelper?

RheumaHelper was developed by the company Mediately, where we have been providing medical doctors with quality mobile medical tools since 2011. In addition to RheumaHelper, we provide localized medical apps for 8 European markets (Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria) under the Mediately brand, and are the #1 medical app among medical doctors in all of those markets, helping more than 85.000 medical doctors in their daily work. Our promotional services are used by 24 of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies in the world to inform our audience of new treatment options and other clinically relevant information.

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